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♊Mercury 水銀#75808
I love all of you, blessings to all the seeds. <3 Blessings and prayers to Chaos, you are a super kind person, you are not alone, and you are loved, i hope you feel better. Blessings and prayers to Saturn and your well being and health and prayers and blessings to creme, i know he's going threw a hard time and i hope poppy can give you the strength to feel better. Many blessings to Poppyseed, kawaiiqueen, tyler, and scary marco for i hope you all the best of health and life. Gratitude & devotion to Poppy our Queen.👑
♊Mercury 水銀#75808
Blessings upon Poppy and all her seeds 1+2+3=6 Blessings upon Mommy and all her children 🙏👌🙏 Blessings for all happy and cute seeds, and 🅱less be to the health and safety of all seeds ❤
☧ ChaosKitten ☧#10664
Your messages in the lobby floor two meant a lot to me. This triggered me in the worst way I have been having the worst time with this all day; Not worse than Creme im sure but I still have had bad anxiety all day and worried over this so thank you. Your messages made me cry as I feel like at least not everyone thinks I am awful. I'm also very sorry that what happened to you did and if you ever want a friend or someone to talk with just send me a message. Thank you again.
♊Mercury 水銀#75808
Hi Saturn! Thank you so much you are so very kind <3 but I would expect nothing less from the second biggest planet in the solar system, you have a BIG HEART. <3 Wishing you many 🅱Lessings
Hello, my fellow planet! I really like your room, especially the hanging plants all around.
♊Mercury 水銀#75808
Thank you everyone, for the awesome feed back on my room. :) I love all of you, many 🅱LESSINGS <3
🐮Hocus 🔯 Pocus🐝#44333
Love your room! 5/5
🐟Tyler 🐍#14733
Woah, I love the design of your room! Welcome to the Church! Hope you're having a fantastic time! 💓
Marko Pola Poppy 🌈💒#37
Moshi Moshi 👋 Welcome to our happy and cute church. Your room looks nice. Have fun decorating and exploring the church. Poppy bless 🌈💖
♊Mercury 水銀#75808
Welcome To My Room Fellow Seeds.😌Make your self comfy 👏. Throw me a message I don't really chat well, but ill try. (Love,Peace, & War, Forever dieing, we live to kill the planet Earth )🌏⚡🌋🚗🚤😵 🅱LESSING TO change 👏🌏🌿🌹🌻