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That Jun©em™️®️#1931
Oooo Eatyerface, look @ all the Scary Masks I got U... 😷😷😷3😷😷😷3😷😷😷😷😷😷6
Eatyerface♡ you are such a great member of this community. Poppy bless🙏🏻
That Jun©em™️®️#1931
Eatyerface, Please don't eat my face...Thank You! 😜😜😜3😜😜😜3😜😜😜😜😜😜6
Theegan - Rara Granum, Garnet✨#128
Hewwo Eat! I'm so happy I could meet you in church, I love you so much, you are very precious weirdo Seed <3 (Weirdos are the best)
z. ♡🧸#522
poppy bless you lovie 🧸✨
i love you so much
Thank you for sharing your cookies! 😄🙏💗
Agent Marcy#19999
Poppy bless your fridge eat!
Agent Marcy#19999
Love the color scheme!
Hi! Thank you for visiting, it made me smile :) Your room is so fresh it made nomtious! Glad I brought snacks! 🍑🍓🍞
Thank you Bface! Its great having you in church and I like Nomz!
Good Morning to you my dear Church member. Many blessings to you. i love u xx Poppy
Tyler/Pregxi - THANKS DOLLITA!#14733
Howdy, Eat! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
nero lewis#3578
OMG your Room is so Cuddly ^~^ 💙😇🙏✨
Ahoy, Brandon. Me Heartie. I’m sad to hear what happened. Your grandma should care more. I hope it works out for you. You can’t be homeless...Not again. I don’t hope it gets a bad end...Take care. I’m here for you💜
innominate servant 🙏#81777
Just wanted to say hi as a fellow social anxiety sufferer. You're not alone. As I am learning, there are a lot of us here. I know Poppy would be proud of what you've overcome thus far. Also I pray your back feels better. <336 Poppy bless you. 🙏
To eat and drink without a friend is to devour like the lion and the wolf.
𝙬𝙤𝙡𝙛 𝙥𝙪𝙥 #77336
i love your room :)
quєєn вuввα🐍#26252
Omp you room is 👌 Poppy bless ❤️🐍🙏
Scary Parrot #4086
I love your room popsibling
Icona ♡#25500
I love your room! 💗💘💙💖💕
dollita 👼🌺#6
beautiful room :) i love the colour of this room too !! purple is a nice colour <3
Marko Pola Poppy 👹🎸🔥#37
Hi eatyerface. Enjoy the church. Poppy bless 🙏
it 🅱️rittany 🅱️itch 😡😤😎#33617
Praise Poppy 💜
I love Poppy Church. Everyone is so nice. Praise Poppy 💜