Parsnip's Room

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That Jun©em™️®️ 💣JunCaboom💥#1931
Oooo Parsnip, look @ all the Scary Masks... 😷😷😷3😷😷😷3😷😷😷😷😷😷6
"Poppy's love is unconditional." <3
♡ ☧ CHA♡S KITTEN ☧ ♡ #10664
Your plants give peace.
Richagon 🐉#3693
Love your plants there beautiful
🥒Pickle Rick🥒#54213
Hit me up up we can play Fallout sometime buddy!
Please teach me how to pray and all necessary Things i have to do
I love your room Parsnip! It really reminds me of a greenhouse. Bless you!
Hii parsnip how are u doing bro
Warriors Breathing in Sulfer#57276
That’s a nice garden or family you have there parsnip
Missed you & everyone while in the Hole a lot LOL. I was in for 24 hours. My first time for that. <3 We had some great Poppy praise in there though! Poppy's love is unconditional. <336
👙 scary beans 👙 #1663
hello Parsnip, my new cute friend! I'm so happy to have met you; your warm messages make me feel so happy. Poppy bless! 💕
JAFA HQ #2518
Not enough beds! Bit plenty of space for a yoga mat lol🍻
Hannah Lorraine#62599
Hi, friend! I love your plant friends. Poppy bless!
Mandy #32518
Ur plants are do cute uwu
Love you my awesome friend!
I found your friend for you. <3 His room is 2517 he was looking for you earlier in the Lobby lol. Poppy bless. <336
Thanks as always for spending time with us in the Hole & being a light in the darkness. <336 Oh and congrats again! ^_^
I Am Fairuza#39636
🦝 🙏🏾💀🌱👨🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻🤖
i love all the plants 🌱 💕 so cute, blessings🙏💞
I like your plants!
so many friends
That Jun©em™️®️ 💣JunCaboom💥#1931
Parsnip, looking forward to our playdate! Mr. Moo Cow says "Moo 2 U!" 🙏🙏🙏3🙏🙏🙏3🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏6
🔥 Yorimashigatari 🦇#25880
You are enough.
Oooo I love the arrangement!!
Zoey 🎃😈 🧡🖤#99999
p.s. ur lil succulent farm is suuper cute! 🌿😍✨ <3<3
Zoey 🎃😈 🧡🖤#99999
oo Thanks for the succulent!<3 Just so you know i will also be eating mine 🌿(💚u💚)🌿 lol. yuummmm juicy!
Much thanks for the succulent, Parsnip! It's delicious. Wait... was I supposed to eat it? :o ILY <3
Thanks for the kind words lovley poppyseeds! 💙 🌱
karen 😡😡#33617
s u c c u l e n t
I like your pants. There are so many 😮. See you around in church 🙏🌱
emma #9414
Your plants look so happy and healthy! 🌼🌷🌻
Richagon 🐉#3693
Nice noice plants
Ooooo! ♥
My favorite succulent is Haworthia Attenuata