Zasu 's Room

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Le Light#25
Zasu :) See you soon
I hope you get what you deserve in this life 💚 You seem like a very put together individual 💓
Identity disorder#4386
Thanks was going for minimalist my real life is so cluttered its nice if that’s peaceful
That Jun©em™️®️#1931
Oooo Zasu, look @ all the Scary Masks... 😷😷😷3😷😷😷3😷😷😷😷😷😷6
🕯Hello Zasu I'm Richard.ily.PoppYblesS.❤
Also, I just followed you on Twitter, I'm @RisaLovesArt ✨
Hello Zasu! I love this space! It is beautiful! ღ
Thanks! Many Blissings to you!❤️
Le Light#25
It is an amazing time for sure you have double time in your room. What a paradise!
I <3 your room. It’s so nice and calming to look at. I just love the way it’s decorated. ❤️❤️❤️
Warriors all out life ⚔️🖤🛡#57276
Awesome room so many fluffy stuffed buddies . And ya I’ve kinda noticed staring at my wall it seems like it moves . Yours looks so nice and put together really beautiful and peaceful. <3
I Am Fairuza#39636
Are you a spider, or a fisherman?
I’m so glad I found Titanics Banana! I love 🍌 banana :) I brought you some flowers too 🌸🌼🌻🌺🌷
MƐdicine 💊#2090
Ohh the raccoons look so happy! Love your room! 💙
01101110 01101111#62292
Purple is the best color
Ňaws̷achî •↳↯#15663
So many super-cute raccoons! Wonderful set-up 🙂
Oooo raccoons! Thanks for stopping by! ♥️
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ kat#57933
what a cute room! blessings! 🙏💓
Hello friend! Your room is looking very aesthetically pleasing to my non-existent banana eyes. Hope you are having a good day filled with Poppy! 🍌🍌
👋 Moshi moshi, hi hello. Just popping in to say that you are a wonderful seed and are loved very much. Take care of yourself 🧡
Vinity #1111
Thank you! 💖✨🙏🌱 My Personal Report FAITH: 165 DEDICATION: 9 LOYALTY: 2 and your numbers? :) ✌
Vinity #1111
I absolutely love your room! All the plants just really give it life :)
Zasu #6424
I am so happy that I finally ascended! So I can show off the poster ! It was fun being in that beam of red light too.
Zach Parker#10109
oh no! dropped all my water on the way here to feed your plants! i guess i will fill it with the gospel of poppy
🔥 Yorimashigatari 🔥#25880
You are enough.
💕Scary Meuli💕#936
Love your room!! Very plant-y🌿
planful! they look like they're dancing
Excellent Evelyn 🌺#1028
Thank you for your very sweet message on my wall. I'm glad the weather hasn't been dangerous for you🙏🌺
SKYE ╊#4044
Yey Zasu
Thnx for the compliment I like your room too <3
I'm kinda late but yeah Resolute Jungle is bae. Nice room! I love the plants.
I'm a fan of your use of plants 🌱🌿💚
🔮 POPPY'S MUSE 🔮#99001
Been leaving house warming gifts 💩 Like the room
Zasu #6424
Thanks all that have come by ! I need a new computer and Work is keeping me busy . And so much is happening in the church so fast . I think we will get into the groove of church life soon .
Jeremiah Bullfrog 🔃#66766
Excellent Evelyn 🌺#1028
Hi! I just randomly saw your room number in a Twitter reply. I'm glad I did. ❤️ I like your room ! ❤️
Tyler/Pregxi - THANKS DOLLITA!#14733
Love how your wall moves! Think it's a glitch but super cool! ❤
Hi Zasu, very peaceful vibe. The the entire arrangement. <336
🍬🍦KittyRavecandy ^o^🍭🍫#33600
Meow.. I like your room it's pretty ^o^
cute room
Zasu #6424
we need some throw pillows !
Zasu #6424
Thank you ! I plan on doing a little more .
Very nice space, I like it!
Chris Seymour#6401
Your room is so cute!