Lily🌼's Room

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Sett X#634
lovely room ♡
Scary JooFish 🦔#57775
cc 🦇#11346
aww thanks lily i feel bad that i haven't seen you much ;-; i love you <3 the carpet summoning ritual looks ominous O__O
OMP!!!! constantly loving your new designs! so creative! I KNOW you took some time on this omp
I love the arrangement Lily! This is so adorable! Poppy bless my fellow seedling Lily🙏
Frater Agiel#43201
Super cute room! Poppy would be pleased with your industriousness.
thank you lily!
It is so cute and cozy! ❤️
Scary N8#305
I do like it, your rug friends are perfect. Have a great day and see you around church 🙏
Hi fellow poppyseeds! Welcome to my room I hope you like it :) And that I see you around! You’re all so sweet
Blake Licorice#1363
Your room is so cute!! I love the color scheme and all the plushies!
🔥 Scary Yorimashi 🔥#25880
You are enough.
I love the circle 🧙‍♀️
Really love the stuffed animal circle, it's epic. You're an awesome person. Have an excellent day
Hey it was nice chatting with you in the hole too! 🙏🙏
hey !! omg im so glad to finally be out of the hole haha but it was so lovely seeing your message <33 ur so sweet hehe
💕Scary Meuli💕#936
aw hi lily :3 love your room so cute
Scary JooFish 🦔#57775
Hey Lily! (that's my favorite name, btw! 🤭). I love your room - talk to you soon! 🖤
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ kat#57933
hey! i love your room! owo
cc 🦇#11346
I love you so much <3 are the stuffies and trash pandas summoning baphomet around the rugh? <3 i love you uwu
Hey Lily, lovely chatting with you in The Hole! Your room is so nice, here’s a plant! 🌿 Come visit me any time, I did some redecorating, I think you’ll like wandering through again! Cheers
Liam AKA Piam#43364
Thanks for the message! Your room is super cute I really love the plushies around the rug. :)
What a lovely room, very fitting for such a sweet person! Hope to chat around the church sometime!
Hi Lily! Smol loves people like you, so smol now friends you. Hope to see you around some more! <3 -smol
scary 👺#9905
Oh wow! I think I just found my doppelganger! The only thing that's different about us is our shoes and our personalities! Your room is super cute, by the way! 💖
Oh my heck poppy would love! I know I dooo