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Tyrone Pines#348
If you want to feature me in a song send me the lyrics that I should sing on my wall post and I'll send it to u ❤ -Charlotte XOXO
Šçårÿ Mîčh 👿#330
Moshi moshi! Hope you're having a wonderful today. Your room is beautiful and lush, I think that's nice.
FloraNewZealand 🇳🇿 😎❣️#1525
Girk the song should be about mommy poppy seeds tree growing and reaching all the country’s around the world 🌎 or a song just saying all your favorite seeds names like mine lol 😂 ❣️💜make a forum about it ???
love this room omp !! amazing
Girkley "Poppy Dollah $ign" Girkman
I love the /P\ plant it's very creative 💗
Sunlit Espeon#8624
I love your plants there beautiful
I really enjoy looking at your room. It is very aesthetically pleasing. Also thanks for posting on my wall. 😘❤ ❤pink gang❤
Gemini 😇😈#3693
Omp this is so cool
you are the best 💜
Selena ❤️❤️🙏🏻#2298
Joe the Green Dragon 🐲#3428
hey ! what kind of doggo is yours? here is some champagne 🍾
your room is so epic, omg 💗💝💖
lil Dave 2: the Davening 🗡💣#99999
lil Dave 2: the Davening 🗡💣#99999
uwu ma lil beebs seem to be doing good here <3 :)) <3. Make sure to give them their daily heavy guitar riff or two to keep their thrash levels in the green💚💚💛. UwU <3 Merry Poppymas bruv!! /❤🎄❤\ /P\
Girkley i wish u a very merry Poppymas/Girkmas and a very peaceful and happy new year💚🐸🙏
Zasu #6424
I love your space !! Very Happy and cute !
lil Dave 2: the Davening 🗡💣#99999
yess THANK YOUU💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
bradley<3 i love u so much and i am forever grateful for you💜
lil Dave 2: the Davening 🗡💣#99999
Bruv, the thrash pandas said they aren't satisfied with my room anymore. I showed them your yt vids and now they cant stop thinking about your shredding skills 🎸🐼\('-';) Plz take them in as your own, they just want to be in a band ✨<3 /;{*^*};\ <3✨
Love your room!!!
Wow!! This is such a beautifully decorated room! I love it❤️💛💙
Sophia 🧚‍♀️🐰💐#36
Pink and cute I love 💖
Very many P, I love it 🙏💕
lil Dave 2: the Davening 🗡💣#99999
Tyler/Pregxi #14733
Wow, very nice design! 😍
love that Poppy P shrine
Jagger Gilmore#486
*Ghost walks into Bradley’s room, picks up his ESP 8 String, plugs it into the Carvin 8x12 Stack sitting in the corner and strums the biggest low F# power chord imaginable!* WAKE UP F%#KER!!!! / Jokes. What’s Up Man? Nice Room
👹 Yorimashigatari 👹#25880
You are enough.
👹 Yorimashigatari 👹#25880
You are enough.
Thanks yalls welcome anytime <3
Nathaniel Lind#305
Nice room! pretty high up. 💃 loads of room for dancing, great choice in decorations. 🎶 see you around in church. 🎶