🗿 Mr Sandman VQP 🗿's Room

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🕯PoppYblesS🗿Mr Sandman VQP🗿<336/P\🙏
Kala×y⁴ #64200
Enjoy the love ~ je t'aime 🖤💜🍇
I smashed Momo!
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream Make him the cutest that I've ever seen Give him the word that I'm not a rover Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over Sandman, I'm so alone Don't have nobody to call my own Please turn on your magic beam Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
One Poppy to rule them all, one Poppy to find them, One Poppy to bring them all and in poppy.church bind them.
🗿 Mr Sandman VQP 🗿#41076
Is there anybody out there who Is lost and hurt and lonely too Are they bleeding all your colors into one? And if you come undone As if you've been run through Some catapult it fired you You wonder if your chance will ever come Or if you're stuck in square one
Scary Celestia#8563
Ooo Nice room!
Joe 🐲#3428
oooh. i feel. so sleepy...
🗿 Mr Sandman VQP 🗿#41076
Ty. It's so much different than the room I'm in, buried by my collections.
I love your minimal approach of your room layout 🤭💗 The white and green furniture accentuates the pale gold color of the tiles i love you this room is so pretty and cute 💗