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minimalismo y perfección
🔥 Yorimashigatari 🦇#25880
You are enough.
brother tony 📘💅🏻#1025
Maddie I haven't seen you in a minute. I hope you are well. I love you!
Joe 🐲#3428
💐 hello friend! hope you are well
Prycie | Computer Boy #4802
moshi moshi hi hello
excited for the furniture pack! keep up the great work ^-^
Wow I see you everywhere and you seem so nice! Also your room is very neat O_O
*delivers water*
love your room smoll, you are awesome!!
emma #9414
vvv smol seed, needs lots of love and water and shleep to grow 💕💕💕💕
Joe 🐲#3428
oh this is really nice. i would spend an extended amount of time here if i wasnt so busy and important. tah
🔥 Yorimashigatari 🦇#25880
You are enough.
i love all the plants in neat little rows
Selena ❤️❤️🙏🏻#2298
I love your room ,it’s so organized lol
Joe 🐲#3428
hi! your room is a beautiful color and your wall is very informative. cheers!
dollita 👼🌺#6
hi maddie, i love ur room!! to answer ur question btw i emailed they & them and showed what i could do with pixel art and asked if i could make furniture and they allowed me to make some! (:
brother tony 📘💅🏻#1025
Welcome my new friend! Thank you for leaving Such sweet words on my wall. It's going to be fun.
Oooooh, so yellowy! I like it. It is so bright and cheerful! Nice work in here. :)
hi maddie uwu. not making a long message but nice room ily <3
Freilia 💛🤭#7861
I love your room💛💛💛 Keep being the beautiful creature you are🙏💛🙏
i like your room Iceland bwoii 🐾 Lots of oxygen here 🌱
You've got a really nice room! Thank you for spreading kindness!
"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop. I hope all seeds can get along in this happy and cute Church! 💖
Cute room with lots of happy friends! Very bright!
Meant to say yellow lol
🐟Tyler 🐍#14733
Howdy, Maddie! I love all the stuffed animals. Makes the room very warm and inviting...well, as long as they don't start moving and dancing on their own or something. That'd be be pretty trippy. But I digress...awesome room! 💓💓💓
It's so cute how those plants seem to have their own animals! I love the nature-y vibe with all the green too 🙏💖
G H 👻 S T Y#7
Love you Maddie, I'm so glad you joined us here at the church 🙂💕 hope you keep coming and we can be good friends 👍
love ur room uwu
Guava Guy#676
love ur room <3
🐲Nari 🌊#5473
ooo neato! Love plushies<3
Only kindness huh? Well you're an AWFULly kind human being and you DESERVE TO BE respected and loved 😠🖤
Hi hope you enjoy this site.
🥰🥰🥰🥰Super cute room!
Hey Guys <3 Welcome to my room. This is a safe place where only kindness is permitted. Thank you guys for visiting, I hope to make new friends <3
Moshi moshi 💕