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Kala×y⁴ #64200
Thank you for your post on my wall <3 I think the same of you and I love how unique your room is!! Phoenix
Hey Eli! :)
MonstahSlayah #66674
Eli hey! you're such a cutie and you're message was so lovely!! hope to see you around <3
Killua Zoldyck#90993
Whats up big brother Eli, you are dope and I am happy you shared your life expiriences with us and taught us new things. You are a humble warrior and I hope to see you become the best singer ever. Stay strong and keep being awsome.-no room
Eli, thank you for being such a cool dude and peacekeeper in the chaotic hole :) i was waiting to get booted specifically so i could share this message with you. You’re such a great friend and i love talking to you, no matter what freak accidents seem to follow you <3 youre the best!
Hey, thanks for the nice message! You’re really a great person, and bring a lot of hope to darker places like the hole. The world needs more people like you! :)
Schrödinger's Cult#919
Poppy is always with you.
Elios, I saw you in the hole and I liked hearing your opinions on religion. And I'm going to add you on snapchat.
hii Elios c: nice meeting u in the hole uwu love your room
Thanks for the message, it was nice meeting you 😁 hope you have good day 👋
Hey! I really like this aesthetic of your room lol. Maybe we’ll talk again in the hole soon :)
Love your room Elios!!! <336