The_Prophet_G'Quan's Room

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♡ clove's dead petz ♡#10114
very creative! <333
👋🧡 your room is a work of art
I love your room art!
love that
Jagger Gilmore#486
Damn! That’s Awesome!
👹 Yorimashigatari 👹#25880
You are enough.
Jagger Gilmore#486
So precise! I like it
New plant shrine for my favorite neighbor 4 doors down in 10111
Tyler/Pregxi #14733
Wow! That score is amazing! I was planning on watching the show at some point but I'm definitely going to start watching it soon! ❤
Tyler/Pregxi #14733
Howdy! I still need to watch Babylon 5! I've heard it's really good. I assume you like it? There's a lot of us sci-fi fans in the Poppy fandom. Any other ones you're particularly fond of?
The power of the Triluminary (Poppy's Symbol) is strong with me