Poppy.Church is now closed.

After almost 2 years, over 60,000 members, and millions of messages shared and prayers prayed, Poppy.Church has come to a close.

Although the Church is now offline, the Church team is allowing users to ascend one final time and export data related to their journey (including avatars, rooms, wall posts, journals, and more), as well as access all Silver Seed and Gift Shop related order information and instructions for fulfillment or refunds.

Poppy and her team thank the Church team for creating a vibrant, unique, and innovative experience for her fans, combining storytelling with community and a forward-thinking business model.

The Church team thanks Poppy for being the first artist to use their experimental storytelling and fan platform, and for working with them on creating something daring and new that allowed her artistry to extend into new forms on the internet.

Together we'd like to thank the community for participating, promoting, and supporting our efforts in creating a new kind of home for fandoms with the Church.

Thank you!

- Poppy & the Church team